100kv 150 Kw high power high voltage power supply

HPS High Power High voltage DC Power SupplyModel: HPS-(N/P)150KW-100KVPower range: 150KWVoltage range: 0 ~ 100KV19\'\' industrial-grade chassis, rugged and reliable.Precise voltage and current setting and measurement capabilitiesOVP, OCP, short circuit and load discharging protections etc.OverviewThe HPS series is developed base

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HPS High Power High voltage DC Power Supply
Model: HPS-(N/P)150KW-100KV
  1. Power range: 150KW
  2. Voltage range: 0 ~ 100KV
  3. 19'' industrial-grade chassis, rugged and reliable.
  4. Precise voltage and current setting and measurement capabilities
  5. OVP, OCP, short circuit and load discharging protections etc.
100kv 150 Kw High Power High Voltage Power Supply
The HPS series is developed based on the HP series power supply with internal modules in parallel-connection.
This series of power supplies are featured for excellent electronic characteristics such as high accuracy, high precision and high stability. Its output voltage ranges from 5KV to 300KV, and its power rating has reached a wide range of 50KW ~ 1000KW.
The power supply adopts hybrid cooling mode: Air-cooling for the control part, water cooling plus oil-cooling for main power components, internal module redundancy technology and perfect protection circuit to ensure the excellent reliability of the power supply under high voltage and high-power output.
The power supply is mainly customized according to the applications, and the industries we have engaged includes mining gravel, super power capacitor charging, electron beam melting, and ray tube veteran etc.
Short circuit protection
Could accept long-term discharge sparking and short-circuiting for special-purpose environments also can be made to be short-circuit protection.
High-voltage power supply is equipped with a special output current short-circuit suppression circuit to prevent high-voltage power supply output discharging and sparking short circuit
The high-voltage power supply is equipped with a special discharging protection circuit to ensure that other equipment and the power supply are not damaged.
Ultra-short protection time: When the sensitive current detection circuit detects that the current exceeds the protection set value, power supply would enable the current-limit & power-limit circuit to ensure that the output current is controlled within the set value. The protection startup time is within 10 microseconds and can be achieved in 3 microseconds as requirements.

Double current-protection circuit
The first-level protection: The dynamic current detection control circuit stabilizes the current at the set value dynamically.
The second-level protection: when the output current threshold protection control circuit detects that the output current exceeds the set threshold value, power supply immediately stops the current energy output cycle, and re-enters the next energy output cycle when the circuit resets, and the control circuit has soft-start process on new energy cycle after each reset, that is, the energy output has a rising process from zero to maximum. This control mode ensures a smooth process for each energy output.
The power supply voltage-drop flash detection circuit detects short-circuit and sparking condition of the load at the first time, and enables the protection circuit in time.

Redundancy technology
HPS high-power power system has redundancy configuration inside, this design can cut off any one or a group of single-unit at any time without interrupting the operation of the entire power supply system.
The application of this technology improves the stability of some systems that cannot be powered down.

Module design
The power system adopts modular design, the front-end inverter and the rear-stage rectification are independent of each other, which makes installation and maintenance easy.

Overvoltage protection
When the output voltage exceeds the upper limit voltage set by the customer, the power supply will automatically cut off the output and alarms.

Overcurrent protection
Over current protection value 0 ~ 100% rated value continuously adjustable, power supply activates protection when current exceeds protection value.

Overload protection
Power supply has built-in overload protection circuit to prevent the power supply from being damaged due to overload.

Overheat protection
Power supply has built-in over-heat protection circuit, power supply activates protection when the temperature of the power supply radiator exceeds 75 degrees and the automatically resumes below 75 degrees.

Grid input protection
Power supply shutdown when the input voltage exceeds the range of 342V ~ 420V.

Constant voltage (CV) & Constant current (CC)
Output voltage & current continuously adjustable from 0 to rated value, CV & CC automatically switchable.

Linkage adjustment
The latest linkage adjustment technology, using a network cable to connect each module via synchronous adjustment of each module to achieve the average output of each module.

Surge limit
AC input uses active inrush current limit to reduce the impact on the grid when the input is powered on.
Optional functions
  1. LCD touch screen (+LCD)
  2. 0 ~ 5V / 0 ~ 10V / 4 ~ 20mA analog signal control. (DB port) (+AC)
  3. RS communication interface (RS232 / RS485 optional) (+RC)
  4. Short-circuit protection with sound & light alarm. (+SCA)
  5. Pulse operation: can be equipped with time controller to form DC pulse power supply (+PULSE)
Block diagram & Key technology
Key technology
  1. The HPS high voltage power supply adopts the multi-module series & parallel connection technology to balance the output of each module.
  2. The HPS high voltage power supply adopts optical fiber isolation sampling technology.
  3. The HPS high voltage power supply adopts the temperature control system to control the cooling fan speed. This cooling control mode reduces both unnecessary energy consumption and fan noise while extending fan life.
  4. The HPS high-voltage power supply adopts small built-in HV oil tank and modular layout structure, the high-voltage components are immersed in oil for heat dissipation, which effectively reduces the temperature of high-voltage power components and greatly extends the service life of insulating materials.
  5. The high voltage transformer in the oil tank adopts double high voltage insulation mode.
  6. The heat pipe technology is adopted to achieve better dissipation of the heat sink, lower local temperature of the power components, and greatly extends the service life of power components.
Block diagram
100kv 150 Kw High Power High Voltage Power Supply
InputConnection modeThree-phase, four-wire (PE), TN-S supply mode.
Voltage380Vac (input tolerance: 10%)
CurrentDepends on output power rating
OutputRated power150KW (Max.)
Output voltage adjusting range0 ~ 100KV
Output current adjusting range0A ~ 1500mA
Output polarityPositive or Negative (both available)
Client must choose one output polarity before ordering.
Working modeConstant voltage (CV) / Constant current (CC)
Accuracy (C.V.)Line regulation≤0.2% FS (Output voltage change rate only caused by changes of input voltage over a specified range of variation)
Load regulation≤0.2% FS (Output voltage change rate only caused by full range load changes)
Accuracy (C.C.)Line regulation≤0.2% FS (Output current change rate only caused by changes of input voltage over a specified range of variation)
Load regulation≤0.2% FS (Output current change rate only caused by full range load changes)
Ripple (r.m.s)≤0.3% FS (measured @ 80% ~ 100% rated output)
Output connectionHV connector and line provided by IdealTek.
Power factorcosΦ= 0.92
Efficiency≥90% (measured @ 80% ~ 100% resistive load)
Working abilityWithstand long-term continuous working at full load.
Setting & DisplayOutput control modeVoltage & Current continuously adjustable via 10-turn potentiometer or touch screen with self-locking function.
(Depends on output power rating)
Display mode41/2 LED digital display or LCD
(Depends on output power rating)
Display error≤±0.5%FS ± 1digit (range: 50%~100% of the rated value)
Display resolutionAs per output voltage & current values.
Protection & Monitoring functionsInput protectionInput lack phase protection.
Over voltage protection
Output over voltage protection value settable.
Power supply automatically cuts off output and alarms when output has over voltage.
Over current protection
When the users' load exceeds the rated load and cause over-loading, the power supply works in constant current mode, the power supply output current does not change, and output voltage decreases.
Over temperature protection (OTP)Power supply automatically cuts off output and alarms when the internal temperature of the power supply exceeds 85 °C.
Short circuit protectionWhen a short circuit occurs between the load and the ground, the power supply works in constant current mode, the current is limited to the maximum value, and the voltage drops to 0 to protect the internal inverter from damage.
Inverter transient protection response time≤10us
Start-up overshootNo start-up overshoots.
Short protection modeCC working when short-circuit.
Noise≤65 ~ 75dB
Protection degreeIP20
Cooling methodForced air cooling / Oil-immersed cooling / Oil-immersed cooling + Water cooling + air cooling
HV oil tank: oil-immersed cooling
Rectifier & Inverter part: water cooling (external water injection required)
Other parts: Forced air-cooling.
Direction: The lower part of the left and right sides - In and Top - Out wind
Working environment conditionsAmbient temperature-10ºC~40ºC
No conductive dust, gas or steam that destroys the insulating medium
No severe vibration and shock, good ventilation.
  1. Note: every power supply has 48 hours full load burn-in test @ 40ºC
  2. The product can be customized on demand.
  3. Note: The discharging devices for capacitor discharging use is not included, but provided by the user.
  4. IDEALTEK can provide load isolation switch which has interlock with HV start/stop switch, (CANNOT BE USED WITH HV OUTPUT ON!) (optional)
Safety caution
  1. This power supply has HV output, only professional person could operate it.
  2. Please check power supply as below before start-up.
  1. Keep power supply clean and good ventilation.
  2. HV input & output connectors or HV load no touch anything.
  3. Please check back current of load well connected with GND bolt at the back of power supply.

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